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Midcentury Dining Room Makeover

The dining room at Flip 5 was really a show stopper even in its original state. The main contributing factor was the huge original windows that flooded the space with natural light. It’s also conveniently located between the kitchen and dining room, and it had ample space. I had really good bones to work with.… Continue reading Midcentury Dining Room Makeover


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Flip 6: Master Bedroom & Bathroom Transformation

The master bedroom at Flip 6 was anything but a retreat. It was gross with decaying carpet, stained walls, and beat up doors. It needed some freshening up to make it feel like a space someone could relax in after a long day. I didn’t get a picture of the gross carpet before we removed… Continue reading Flip 6: Master Bedroom & Bathroom Transformation

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DIY Army Trunk Table

Last summer I stumbled on this Army footlocker for $5 at an estate sale. I loved the character it had– writing, scratches, stickers. So much character in the piece. I instantly knew it had so much potential! So I brought it home, and it’s been sitting in my garage ever since. I’ve been waiting for… Continue reading DIY Army Trunk Table

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Flip 6 Kitchen Transformation

I’m a bit delayed in giving nitty-gritty detailed posts for Flip 6. Life is busy! I always get asked what I used, where I got, etc., so it’s easier to address all those questions in one post. If you recall, Flip 6 was purchased at an auction, and it was purchased sight unseen. In the… Continue reading Flip 6 Kitchen Transformation