Flip #1

Bachelorette Pad #1…BEFORE


My first attempt to flip a house started in a small retirement village. Definitely a risk…that turned out quite well. I bought a bank foreclosure that had a lot of potential. It needed quite a bit of TLC on the inside, but, luckily, it was mostly all cosmetic work. Through two long years, I rehabbed the house and turned into a gem. I have pretty talented friends & family, so much of the labor costs were eliminated because of their help.


The first day I entered the home, I walked into a house with dated and burnt carpet, vertical blinds, popcorn ceilings, and a less than desirable kitchen. The house seemed so dark and gloomy even though there were so many (beautiful) windows. I felt like I walked straight into the 1980s.


Even though it was dark and dated, it had a lot of potential. It was 1,600 total square feet that had been neglected for too long. The 3 bedroom/2 bath house had lost its charm & was definitely a diamond in the rough. From floor to ceiling, it needed renovation in just about every square inch.


This first flip taught me a lot. A lot about budgeting. Painting. Removing wallpaper. Destruction. Construction. Contractors. Electrical. Plumbing. You name it. It was a trial-by-fire process. I got burnt a few times…literally, but, overall, I think I did well. I transformed a home from one century to the next.




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