Flip #2

The Newest Bachelorette Pad

I am three weeks away from closing on Bachelorette Pad #1. On that same day (hopefully), I’ll be closing on Bachelorette Pad #2. The latest Bachelorette Pad, also known as the 70s Love Shack, is about 45 minutes away from the first flip. While Bachelorette Pad #1 was in a quiet, peaceful setting, the newest one is more in town  but located on a sleepy cul-de-sac. As with the last one, this one was a bank foreclosure. I could probably do an entire post on why you should stick to bank foreclosures on flips, but that’s for another day. I am not kidding when I say I have my work completely cut out for me with this new flip. This 2,000 square feet home has literally been frozen in time: the 1970s. The three large bedrooms & 2.5 baths have lots of potential if you can look past the retro vibe.

IMG_4635  Clearly there is zero curb appeal. I believe a forest is growing in the front yard. Sadly, that forest is blocking some beautiful, mature plants and shrubs. In addition to the forest, there is a large dungeon to the right. That would be a metal (with faux wood appearance…classy) carport attached to the enclosed garage. Some designs of the 70s I’ll never understand…


The bones of this house are solid. From that standpoint, I believe it’s a great investment. No structural issues. Cosmetic issues, on the other hand, are numerous. Another design choice I’ll never understand, green (or any color) indoor/outdoor carpet. While we are discussing this photo, take a moment to appreciate the tackiness that is that carport.


There is definitely potential on the exterior. The flower beds have to be cleaned up & shrubs trimmed in the front yard. The backyard is expansive, but it will require a bit more TLC. Oh and let’s not forget removing the forest in the front yard as well.


Beside the carport dungeon, there is another dungeon at this property. The entire interior. It is so dark in every room that it literally feels like a dungeon. The house was built-in the mid 1970s and true to the era, there are wood panels everywhere. EVERYWHERE. There are even wood panels with wallpaper over them. While I could paint the wood panels, they are still wood panels, and wood panels are not part of this century. So I’m taking a gamble, and I plan to rip them out and hope there is sheet rock beneath them. The large wooden “cage” is actually the dining room. The cage wall is placed in such an awkward spot and makes the dining room abnormally large. While large rooms are good, it really diminishes the size of the living room. I plan to scale back the dining room and enlarge the living room. I also plan to destroy that wooden cage.


Since the wooden cage is not a load bearing wall, it should be a simple removal. From what I can tell, the cage wall is actually hallow, so I should be able to remove it with a sledgehammer.  I have no plans to salvage any of the wooden cage. I do have a neat Pinterest-inspired creation to take its place though. One of the funniest parts of this property is the authentic 70s wallpaper. Florals, oranges, and pea green are all over this house. I’m sure this house was trendy in its primetime.


A great feature of the living room is a large gas fireplace. It’s in great shape, but it’s quite monochromatic and isn’t the focal point it should be. I plan to change the appearance of the fireplace and focus the entire room on that corner. It goes without saying that those wood panels will be removed as well. At this point, I plan to keep the original carpet. It’s in really good shape and a neutral color. I plan on tearing some of it up and redistributing elsewhere in the house though.


A feature I really like about this house (as opposed to the last one) is the open design between the living room and kitchen. I am not a fan of enclosed/secluded kitchens. While the kitchen is extremely dark and dated, I have a very clear vision in making it a modern, clean kitchen.


I’ll give the original designers of this house credit, they like to match. The minty green countertops perfectly match the minty green linoleum on the floors. Of course, I probably wouldn’t have chosen the harvest gold dishwasher, trash compactor, or sink, but that’s just me. Of course, all the original appliances will be replaced. As opposed to Bachelorette Pad #1, I do not plan on painting these cabinets. I actually like this particular stain, and I think I can make those cabinets look modern. I also plan to remove that excess lower portion of the countertops.


Apart from the countertops and floors, I think the appliances will really help to make this kitchen look modern. I plan to add all stainless steel appliances. As for the trash compactor, I don’t plan on replacing it after I remove it. Instead, I have a Pinterest inspired idea for that spot.


I do appreciate how much counter & cabinet space this kitchen has. It’s definitely big enough to be functional. I plan to remove the vent hood and replace with a mounted microwave. And the retro wallpaper will be removed as well.


The main bathroom is definitely roomy. That’s really the only positive going for it at this point. The wallpaper, the countertop, the cabinets, the lighting, the mirror, the toilet, the shower…and the list could go on and on. So many updates will happen in this room. The most important update? Remove the CARPET from the bathroom. I’m 2 for 2 on buying houses with carpeted bathrooms.


The plan is to remove the countertop, replace the faucet, lighting, wallpaper, and toilet. Paint the cabinet (maybe…) and have the shower professionally painted and add a new glass door. I’m not sure on a color scheme yet for this room. I have a feeling whatever tile is on clearance/overstock will determine the rest of the colors.

IMG_4645One thing I like about older homes is that typically they have larger bedrooms. Such is the case with this house. The rooms are pretty large. The only change that will take place in the bedrooms is removing all those wood panels. I haven’t decided on painting the doors or trim yet…so we’ll see if I tackle that job.


While this house does have popcorn ceilings like Bachelorette Pad #1, I am not tackling that task. Would I like to? Yes. But it’s a VERY messy project, and I want to keep my carpets clean. So hopefully I can distract from those ceilings. I’m hoping with the removal of the wood panels, the room will still look more modern.


The master bedroom is large enough that staging will be pretty easy. The closet is a good size too. While there are wood panels in the closet, I’m pretty certain I’ll leave those. Fortunately, the master bathroom is the only room that has seen some updating. They have recently added a new tub and marble tile surround. They didn’t quite get to the task of removing the carpet in the bathroom though…


Besides the updated tub, the shower boast a green toilet, yellow marble countertop, retro wallpaper, and green stained cabinets. Except for the cabinets, none of those things will stay. I will definitely paint these cabinets and add new hardware. I will keep the faucet, add a new mirror, toilet, and light fixture.


Luckily the tile surround matches my decor already, and I’ve already mentioned I love gray. So I will probably paint the master bath a lighter gray color. I will most likely add my favorite Sam’s Club laminate wood floors in there as well. I’ve never added flooring to a bathroom that wasn’t tile, but this laminate is very durable and since I plan to paint the cabinets white, I think the dark floors will be a good contrast.



One of my favorite features in this house is the enclosed sunroom. It comes with a pretty new two person hot tub. From a staging standpoint, I think there’s a lot of potential out there. Plus, I just love sunrooms. I see myself spending a lot of time out there. It’s a little rough-looking right now, but I can see a pretty cool room out there.


Of course there are more wood panels out there. I’m hoping to remove those, but I’d be okay with painting those as a last resort. A friend came up with a cool idea for that brick planter, so stay tuned for that project.



The sunroom is laid out in an L-shape. I plan on using this long portion as the “party” area since it’s near the hot tub. I plan on using the boxy portion as a sitting area. I’ll be replacing the laminate flooring and the carpet that is not actually stuck to the floor (again…classy). I’ll add new light fixtures, electrical for TV, new windows, and, of course, the wood panels.


The backyard has so much potential! My dog, Domino, is going to love it. It’s pretty large since it’s a corner lot. A lot of shrubs and bushes need to be removed or trimmed & some flowers need to be added, but I think it should be minor landscape work in the backyard. The most extensive parts of the backyard will be removing a cheap greenhouse and remove some DIY/crappy flower beds.




I’m excited to get my hands dirty flipping this place. I know I have my work cut out for me. Lots of big projects and even more little projects, but I think it’ll be a good way to stay busy this summer. And if there was any doubt, my very first project will be this:


Red VELVET carpet in the garage. Uber classy, but it’s got to go.


2 thoughts on “The Newest Bachelorette Pad

  1. The web site houzz has a lot of good remodel ideas. Love your new house! Can’t wait to follow the remodel! Linda

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