Flip #2

Glazed Over

When flipping homes sometimes you are dealt an ugly bathroom. Actually, you’re always dealt an ugly bathroom. It just comes with the territory. For several reasons (#1 being that I’m cheap), I like to preserve and reuse what I can…even in an ugly bathroom. If you recall, the Bachelorette Pad had quite the ugly guest bathroom.


Let me just tell you, the builders of this home took the Harvest Gold trend by storm. If it was made in Harvest Gold, these people purchased it. That’s the problem with trends, you end up with a bathroom like this. Even though that shower was Harvest Gold, ugly, and dated, I wanted to keep it. I know, you think I’m crazy. I didn’t keep the accordion door though- I have to draw the line somewhere.

Did you know (and I’ve discovered most people don’t) that you can glaze showers and tubs to any color you want? Of course, there is a cumbersome, lengthy DIY process for this; however, I do not, in any way, trust myself to do that. I hired a professional glazing company (they exist!) to completely repaint the shower. I started by removing the accordion shower door and then thoroughly scrubbing the shower…more than once. It has to be extremely clean before painting. The painting process took an entire morning and the only downside is that the house smelled like a dozen nail salons. It’s important to keep fans on and windows up for ventilation!


But, oh my gracious, was it all worth it! Can you even believe that’s the same ugly shower? I had two different people drop by the Bachelorette Pad to survey the progress and both commented on my new shower. I informed them it was my forty year old, ugly Harvest Gold shower. You can’t even tell! For $300 I have a “new” shower…much less than purchasing a new shower insert and paying labor to remove and install a new one.


If you’re thinking about glazing a shower or tub, here are a few of my tips:  

  • Install the shower door AFTER the tub/shower has been glazed. Of course, if you have a tub, you won’t need a shower door.
  • Install flooring BEFORE you glaze the tub. I did not do this and everything turned out fine, but I did (continually) threaten my floor guys not to rub grout against the glaze or drop tools in the shower.
  • Make sure your glazing comes with a warranty. Mine comes with a 1 year warranty which is transferable to the new owners.
  • Have I mentioned you need to scrub, scrub, scrub, and then scrub some more? Your shower must be spotless before glazing.



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