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DIY Postcard or Christmas Card Display

I found this enormous raw wood frame at a thrift store for $2. I had no idea what I was going to do with it, but I knew it had potential. It was in great condition and had never been painted or stained. After perusing Pinterest and my own creativity, I came up with a DIY postcard display.



I used Valspar’s Seasprite to paint two coats on the frame. I wanted the frame to be light colored since the postcards will have a variety of colors.



There are several different ways to create this project. You could use chicken wire across the frame, but I didn’t have any. I’m a fan of using what I already have on hand. I did have quite a bit of leftover twine, and I liked the rustic look of twine. I also had a box of thumbtacks left over. I used the supplies I had on hand to create a clothesline effect across the frame.


I measured the twine so that it was slightly wider than the frame. I tied knots in the end so that the thumbtacks would have something to hold. I used a hammer to make sure the tacks were secure. I made sure the twine lines were evenly space which resulted in four lines.


I used some old clothes pins to attach the postcards to the twine. This also makes it easy to interchange the postcards since I have dozens.


This project cost less than $10. Year round it’s a great way to display postcards from travels, but during the holidays it makes a unique way of displaying Christmas cards. This can be done with any size frame, but the larger the frame- the more cards can be displayed. While I brush painted the frame, it could easily be spray painted with leftover spray paint.


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