Flip #3

Face Lift Cabinets

When you’re on a shoe-string budget (like I always am), you keep what you can and bring new life to it. Such was the case with the kitchen cabinets. After I rearranged the cabinet layout, the cabinets were ready for a face lift!


The cabinets were original; however, several years ago, Mac had them refaced with Sears. Even with the cheaper option of refacing, it still blew my budget. Which left the only option of painting. Painting can create such a dramatic effect on a minimal budget, so I opted for this choice.

Obviously painting cabinets can be a great DIY project. However, I’ll be honest…I just didn’t want to do it. At all. The sanding required was extensive because of the decades worth of grease on the doors and drawers. Since I was feeling rather lazy about this project, I hired a painter I’ve used before. He removed all the doors and drawers, sanded (and then sanded some more). Within a matter of a few days, the kitchen appearance dramatically changed!


Even with just a couple coats of primer, the kitchen was hard to recognize from its original status. I was just giddy to see the final product!


After the bases were dry, the painter reattached the drawers and doors. For now, I’m reusing the cabinet pulls until I find ones I love. The original speckled 4×4 backsplash tile looks great, so I have no plans of replacing it.


For just under $1,000 (labor and product), I had a brand new kitchen! The cabinets are original; however, they look brand new. What a great asset to this retro house–preserving the original cabinets.


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